Florauna Fisherman's Friend x Taranza Over The Moon with Florauna

Born : 14/06/2017

One dog, five bitches. All black and white.

Puppies will be CEA Clear By Parentage and
TNS Clear By Parentage

Both parents are gonioscopy tested unaffected
Dad is homebred. Moss is a very gentle boy with the softest of temperaments.
This is Luna's first litter. She is a very friendly girl and a true princess. Loves routine and will soon tell you if that routine has changed with a high pitched bark which has earned her the nickname of "squeak".

Dad is ball mad and mum just loves a cuddle or to sleep on the bed. She is just a little bit spoilt.

Please email us if you are interested in a puppy from this litter.

New owners should be experienced dog owners. A border collie is not the easiest of dogs to have as a family pet so if you have not had a dog before this is not the breed for you.
We will also prefer not to home a puppy in a house where there are young children under school age.
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