Cleykiz Starman for Taranza x Sianworth Highland Rose for Florauna

Born : 28/12/2018

Two black and white dogs, one blue and white dog, two black and white bitches.

Puppies will be CEA Clear By Parentage and
TNS Clear By Parentage

Puppies will be eye and hearing tested

Both parents are gonioscopy tested unaffected and have been tested clear for the Predisposition for Glaucoma.
If you have contacted me in the last few months about puppies and you are still interested please can you email me.

New owners should be experienced dog owners. A border collie is not the easiest of dogs to have as a family pet so if you have not had a dog before this is not the breed for you.
We will also prefer not to home a puppy in a house where there are young children under school age.
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